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Unique Features

  •    High-Capacity Broadband link with data speeds up to 3.25 Gbps

  •    Extremely affordable with On-Demand Business Model, no Capital Expenditure

  •    Auto Tracking and Auto Alignment

  •    Patented Technology and Superior Deployment strategies to deliver carrier-grade reliability

  •    Low power consumption

  •    Deployment in as little as 6 hours

  •    Patented separation of antenna and electronics

  •    EMI and RF Interference-free

OBW Network's Solutions Key Advantages

Massive Bandwidth: Speeds up to 3.25Gbps, with future upgrades to 5 & 10Gbps.

Zero Sunk Cost: On-Demand delivery means bandwidth delivered at a fraction of the cost of competitors, with no up-front equipment investment required.

Compact & Portable: OWB Network's small size means that not only is in un-obstructive, but can be easily re-deployed to other locations as your needs change.

Maximum Security: OWB Network's virtually 100% secure beam is not visible or susceptible to the interference and security issues that make RF communications so vulnerable, nor can it be compromised through a
                                    physical tap, unlike fiber optic cables.

Rapid Deployment: OWB Network's ease of deployment puts it in class by itself. Microwave RF can take 3 to 6 months to acquire permits, purchase licences, and install equipment. Deploying Fiber Optic systems can
                                     consume up to a year of lost profits due to permits and costly construction. In contrast,  OWB systems can be deployed in a matter of hours, with no need for frequency licensing or time-consuming
                                     and expensive trenching.

Low Environmental Impact: OWB Network's solutions require minimal to zero footprint, have low power consumption, and do not cause RF pollution like Microwave RF and other wireless radio delivery systems. Unlike
                                                    Fiber Optics, SKYFIBER doesn’t require environmentally invasive trenches to be dug that generate noise, pollution and excessive carbon footprints.

Reliability & Confidence: OWB Network's expert-designed network solutions provide carrier-grade reliability, and with SKYFIBER’s On-Demand bandwidth, part replacement is provided throughout your ownership.



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